Ectha-R Application, developed by DRC Srl, allows you to display and record, in digital format and quickly, the values rebound index acquired directly in the site. You can enter data both in manual mode using the keyboard (option valid for all types of mechanic hammer) and automatically via Blue Tooth connection. This second option is only possible if you use the new electronic test hammer called ECTHA PRO, designed and developed by DRC Srl too. Both operating modes are used to:

  • view in real time the value rebound index and the value index rebounding average;
  • acquire more test areas within the same project;
  • display the value of the mechanical strength (RcK value) estimated according to the selected correlation curve;
  • save the number of the executed hits.

The New App Ectha R– Version 2016

ECTHA-R App 2016 Version is completely free, like the previous version. Future updates will be free and will be installed automatically with the express authorization of the user. It requires Android version 4.3 or higher.

ECTHA-R App 2016 Version contains the new following correction factors that the user can select:

  • correction factor of the impact angle;
  • estimation of the mechanical strength through further correlation curves (value Rck);
  • correction factor of the concrete age;
  • water content of the concrete (according to JIS A1155:2012 rule);
  • association of the scanned image directly to the project for quick consultation;
  • print of the report through a portable mini-printer, using the Blue Tooth connection. The portable mini-printer can be purchased at the DRC Srl.

Estimation of mechanical strength through further correlation curves
(value Rck)

The correlation curves are used to obtain an estimate of the mechanical strength in the site (Rck value).

RcK_001  RcK_002

Correction factor of the concrete age

The correction factor “age concrete” influences the value of Rck average.The correction factors are in accordance with JIS 1155: 2012.The correction function can be activated by selecting the approximate age of the item, or it can be disabled.

Age_001  Age_002

Conditions test surface

The correction factor “test surface” affects the value of rebound index average (correct angle 0 °). The correction values are in accordance with JIS 1155:2012. The correction function can be activated by selecting the type of surface, or it can be disabled.

Surface_001  correzione_surface

Image acquisition

ECTHA-R captures an image for each area of the test using the device camera. The image is saved in SD section in the folder that contains the name of the project. The photos will have the name / number of the test.

Picture_001  Picture_002

Print report

ECTHA-R allows you to print a report containing the index values acquired directly on site. The app sends the print command via Blue Tooth connection to a mini-printer portable that you can purchase at the DRC Srl.

Print_001  Print_002

download the App ECTHA-R 2016 version

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