Dynamic monitoring in civil engineering is widely used to analyze the health conditions of buildings, to study its structural behavior and to understand rising and distribution of the deterioration conditions. Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) concerns the possibility of describing structural dynamics at small vibration amplitudes in real operating conditions with unknown excitation inputs (e.g., wind force). The main objective is the extraction of structural dynamic parameters (such as natural frequencies, damping ratios and mode shapes). The importance of this issue comes from the fact that for identification of large civil structures, applying known excitation forces is costly, if not infeasible. Moreover, output only algorithms are the best option for an online monitoring system, which can monitor vibrations of a structure constantly, without the application of a measurable input to the system. These techniques can be applied for calibration of Numerical Models of buildings to be used for repair oriented design, rehabilitation and retrofit works, and the structural monitoring of the building by observing changes in its dynamic behavior in time. Monitoring is an innovative techinque and represents one of the most important non-destructive tests to understand dynamic behavior of existing building.


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