The reinforcement bars location inside concrete structures is an important issue for on-site tests. This is required to carry out core drillings, cuts or other drillings, and must be carried out before any Non-Destructive or Destructive tests to be performed on structures in reinforced concrete. DR3000 PK cover meter makes use of the electromagnetic induction principle, that allows to accurately determine position, diameter and concrete covers of the reinforcement bars. The pacometer exploits the magnetic properties of iron to detect ferrous material inside concrete structures. All acquired data is saved in the device for the further analysis. DR3000 PK cover meter makes use of the principle of induced currents. This characteristic prevents measurement from being subject to external influences and disturbances, ensuring precision and reliability of the measurement. Thanks to its small sizes and weight, this instrument represents a reliable tool for carrying out effective and quick surveys. It is handy and sturdy at the same time.


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