Penetrometer tests on mortars


It is essential in existing building diagnosis operations to investigate the mechanical properties of materials, aimed at identifying present deficiencies and anomalies.
These operations are particular complex when we come across masonry structures where, if on one hand, we can perform flat jack tests to study the behaviour of masonry portions and sample resistant elements, but on the other hand we have difficult with mortar analysis operations.
And it is precisely mortar that often presents the most obvious signs of degradation.

The RSM penetrometer allows users to obtain information regarding the conditions of preservation and homogeneity of mortar on-site. This instrument is based on driving depth measurements of a needle in a mortar joint subjected to a series of strikes generated by a known mass.

The RSM penetrometer is supplied with a KIT including a striker, an automatic measuring body, a manual comparator, a series of tips and measuring tips and support accessories for measuring driving depth.

Operation is easy and fast. The loading knob activates the internal striker, which collides with the tip in contact with the mortar joint. The driving depth can be read after a series of strikes have been carried out according to the test procedure.

Depth value measurement is carried out quickly using the external measuring body which provides the needle displacement value (Lx – driving) in real time.

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The penetrometer and its components are made of high quality materials. Our over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of instruments for testing and non-destructive tests is a guarantee of reliability and efficiency.

RSM penetrometers are constructed entirely in Italy by DRC Srl.



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