DRC steps into the world of Apps

DRC steps into the world of Apps with a new application for recording the sclerometer’s rebound values.

This free application is calledEctha R,and you can download it from Google Play.
Ectha R
can be used on devices running Android 4.2.2 or higher.
This application allows you to view and record rebound values automatically through Bluetooth. It is available in automatic mode for the new version of the Ectha PRO electronic sclerometer, and in manual mode for all the mechanical sclerometers.


In manual mode, data must be entered manually.
This app serves as a digital note pad. You can set up projects by entering data, project number, testing area, angle of impact orientation, and correlation curve.

In automatic mode, the App stores the data automatically transmitted through Bluetooth with which the new Ectha PRO electronic sclerometer is equipped.
The acquired values and settings are saved both in the app and in the sclerometer’s memory card.


Both operating modes allow you to store and obtain the following:

  • single rebound index value
  • number of impacts
  • average rebound index value
  • mechanical resistance value (RcK) estimated with correlation curves


Upon completing the testing operations, the data saved in a .cvs file can be viewed and shared directly from your device.
You can view the registration file to create the report through the Ectha – W software.

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